'Thankyou' to everyone that allows me to put your thoughts on my website!!!

Hi Lisa,

I purchased your scrub last month when Rhapsody of the Seas spent 2 days in Cairns and I spent a day in Kuranda. What a lovely product!! I shared it with my co-workers after a particularly long week and they just loved it too and have asked if I can get it for them. I would like to order at least 10 scrubs plus lotions Would an order this size still be $10 postage.
Thanks Sharon


Hi Lisa, I am the manager of Kuranda Rainforest Accommodation Park. We have been here 5 months and from the moment we arrived I had problems with mozzies which led to cellulitis and time in hospital. 
Prevention being my only option I was loathe to use insect repellant several times a day because of whatever chemicals may be in them.
I discovered your body lotion and have not suffered since. Twice daily applications using such a small amount has kept the bities away.
I just want to thank you as this has truly changed my life and made my job bearable.  And now we can stay here living happily in the rainforest! 
I have attached a photo to show you i am genuine and so you can appreciate how much your cream means to me.
Sorry if I waffled on a bit.

 Carol O'Rourke


Hi Lisa,
I tried this during a pedicure in Anglesea, VIC, and loved it! Have bought the body lotion from the salon. I am pregnant and find the scent absolutely gorgeous! Can't get enough. Thank you.
Kellie   27/3/13

Hi Lisa
Thank you sooooo much - is brilliant!
I ran into a spot of bother last week (NOT YOUR PRODUCT) - having really boring extremely sensitive skin and all with a face mask... nice allergic reaction and so pretty to look at.
So if perchance you make facial cleansers etc etc please let me know - will even be a test bunny for you!
But have used the body lotion on face - and is easing the blisters etc and calming my skin down so all good on the western front so to speak.
Narelle  2/2/13

Thanks Lisa,
Am really looking forward to trying your range - a girl at work swears by it....
Am 52 and  kin is a mess with menopause etc...so fingers crossed!
Will let you know how I go..
 Thanks again,
Narelle  22/1/13
Hi Lisa,
I tried your skin scrub on a mosquito bite last week when visiting our sister in law at Basin View on the south coast – Fran and Dave Hesford would be their customer names. It worked really well calming the itch straight away so I immediately told my daughter about it and she asked me to order some for her. We both suffer badly from insect bites and stings and she has a 22month old daughter who will probably be the same. Our combined holiday will no doubt involve a few bites and stings so thought it would be good to get my order in to have for then. Over the years we have tried everything finally finding tea tree oil to be the best so far. Now your scrub has taken pole position!
Bye for now, Sandra
PS Dave and Fran recently went on a holiday to Malaysia and your scrub allowed them to help a mother whose young child had been badly bitten by mosquitoes. Also, our daughter just last week had a friend whose 14mnth old was horribly stung by sea lice trapped in an ocean pool at Maroubra – another reason she is so keen to have some scrub on hand!
Sandra, Cronulla Sydney, NSW  12/12/12
Hi Lisa,
That's great! Thank you!
I bought the lotion from your little shop when I was on holiday in Australia and visited Kuranda in May. It's really some of the best stuff I've ever used! So, I'm excited to get more....that's why I'm stocking up and getting 3 bottles while I'm back in Australia. I don't even want to think about how much the shipping would cost if I had you mail it to me in California.
Be sure to include in my package your new address, if you get a new shop in Melbourne. It's likely that I'll be there sometime during Nov or Dec, and that way I can pick up more of the scrub if it works out.
Thanks again!
Jessica V.   14/10/12
Dear Lisa
On August 2 we were in Cairns and met a lady from Freemantle in WA.
She and her friend had visited with you and purchased some cream that helps with
arthritic pain.
The lady Gwen was so impressed with the result after three applications that she gave us
your details when we met at dinner that evening.
What was the cream please?
I have checked your website and there only appears to be beauty products.
Kindest regards
Gloria Trott.     5/8/12
The answer: The cream is the Body Lotion.
Hi Lisa,
I purchased the Body Scrub today while we were at the Kuranda markets.
 While walking down the street at Kuranda I got stung by a bee on my arm. OUCH! Anyways....with a stinging arm, I resorted to rubbing some of your Body Scrub on the sting.....the guy who sold it to me had mentioned the Rain Forest products helped insect bites.
Thought I would email you to let you know that the sting was relieved completely within about a minute! True!
 Lyn Mackaway  10/5/12
Thank you so so much for sending me a Body Lotion as a gift!! It is a wonderful new product! As you know I have been purchasing your product now for nearly 2 years and I love it!Be expecting alot more orders for the Body Lotion as I will get my family and friends to try it..
Also congratulations on opening a small shop on the main street! I can't wait to come up again in May next year and see it!
Marion Bell, Sorrento, Victoria 17/7/11
We have recently returned from a 3 month caravan holiday from WA with our 9 and 11 year old girls.We can't descibe how good this trip was! We spent some time at Kuranda and found your body scub.We have used it for mosquito bites, cracked heels as well as a general body scrub. I'm so glad I bought a big container-just about to order more and some for my sister for Christmas.T he best thing is every time I open the jar the smell of our wonderful holiday comes wafting out!!!
Chris Miller, WA 9/12/10
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for all this - you are very generous.  I gave a little sample to my friend to take with her to the Peninsula spa - imagine that!!!  She will let me know next week what it was like.  I would love to try the suggestions you have made.  I feel so fresh and clean after using the product and it has helped to heal the mosiquote bites I got in the rainforest in mossman gorge.  I always get bitten - I must just attract them.  I always have to deal with it in summer.  It is the only thing I don't like because I have to use that horrible stuff that smells terrible (Rid).  You are very generous and I am very fortunate to get to know your product. 
Regards Marzia, VIC,    26/10/10
Hi Lisa
I tried the body scrub at Kuranda markets and applied it to a mosquito bite. It took the itching away and I didn't have my usual bad reaction. Amazing! I have also found my heels are no longer dry and cracked and feel great. When I open the jar I just love the smell! Thanks you so much for sending a sample for my daughter to try as well.
Emma McNeill, ACT, 24/10/10
Hi Lisa,
I walked past the stall at the Kuranda markets and was curious when I heard that the scrub helps with bad skin. I bought a pot and simply can not believe the change in my skin!! Previous to using the scrub, I tried everything including ProActiv. My skin is cleaner and my body is healthier. I will NEVER use anything else!! Thank you sooo much.
Stacey Pember, Cairns, 2/9/10
Hi Lisa,
I received the Scrubs today, and your note about the postage...
 I really appreciate you sending the 4 jars, though, I have my sister and my daughter now converted to using your wonderful product, so intend to continue to order inthe future and your gesture of goodwill certainly demonstrates excellent customer service -
Thank you SO much.
 Leisa Gillham, Perth,  23/4/10
Your product is wonderful, I first got it at the Kuranda market and I have been so impress that even now that I am back in Canada, I still buy it thru the internet cause I really do belive in your product. It is simply the best combination of oils for my skin!
Patricia  Giguere, Quebec, Canada  24/3/10
First bought your scrub at the market in Port Douglas November 2008 and I think it is exceptional.Thank you!
Barbara Bell, Geneva, Switzeland  4/9/09
My partner bought me one of your body scrubs last November, whilst he was there on holidays. It really is an amazing product..I rarely bother with hand creams etc, as I find most are pretty disappointing-including the expensive products.But your scrub is amazing.I'm an artist (turps,metho,paints,inks,handtools etc)- so my hands take a hell of a beating.Your scrub leaves them feeling (and looking!)absolutely wonderful-for ages too.So I'll be ordering more from you and telling everybody I know about it.Seriously-Well Done!!!!!
Kate Olive, Burong, New South Wales   20/8/09
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