Hand Made products inspired by our
 Rainforests and Natural Bush!
I developed the Body Scrub after many months working with another  qualified aromatherapist of 30 years. Each oil was chosen to perform a particular job on your skin. Over the past couple of years I have added a Body Lotion Shower Gel & Massage Oil to compliment the range.

Body Scrub
You deserve to be pampered!
RAINFOREST REJUVENATION Body Scrub is the perfect way!
It only takes a minute to keep your hands moisturized all day or for those tired cracked feet to be fully revived & looking beautiful again!
This all natural and hand made product - 
 Exfoliates, Cleanses and Moisturizes all in one go!
Each oil is chosen to perform a particular job on your skin and mind and are all infused in the purest of Australian Sea Salt which  is one of the purest Sea Salts in the world and contains many minerals.
By rubbing it on your skin it opens the pores to allow the deep penetration of the oils.
It has been very successful with extreme skin conditions, insect bites
burns & acne.

It is great to use if you get bitten by Mosquitoes, Midges or Bees.
It stops the sting and heals the skin.
For Cracked Heels sit in your favorite chair, rub into dry skin for as long as you wish (better still get someone else to do it!)  and rinse with water or if you wish, just brush of the salt and them sit back with your favourite drink and relax while your skin repairs itself!
If you do this everyday you will see results very quickly.
Once the skin heals you may only need to do it once or twice a week, every fortnight or even once a month in the warmer climates.
When using it in the Shower, please stand on a face washer as it is oil and is very slippery!
For the Face - Rub in Hands first and then gently apply once a week.


For General Use:
Rub a ten cent size amount in to dry skin for a couple of minutes, rinse with water and towel dry!
For really hard skin, such as on the feet, spend a couple of extra minutes each time and it will be removed with regular use.
Body Lotion
I have produced a very light daily all over Body Lotion.
It will keep your skin moisturized all day with the goodness of several Base and Essential Oils, still with that lovely refreshing Lemon Scent of the Body Scrub
The Body Lotion has all the same Oils as above and
 also acts as a repellent for mosquitoes, midges etc.

                                       Shower Gel

The Shower Gel is a refreshing and moisturising Gel that leaves your skin feeling Moisturised, refreshed, cleansed and you feeling very uplifted!
It is superb for dry and itchy skin as the antibacterial Oils help the skin heal.

 Massage Oil - Hair Treatment
The Massage Oil has all the Core Oils to nourish and soften the skin.

It can also be used as a Hair Treatment! Just rub into dry hair and sculpt and leave on as long as desired and Rub shampoo in first and then apply water to rinse. It will repair the hair, help stop breakage, help prevent dandruff and relieve a dry itchy scalp.


     These products need to be kept out of direct sunlight and below 30 degree heat.
   If you live in a warm climate, it is best to keep them in the fridge - the coolness feels great on the skin when applied!

**Please note: All the products have Nut Oil in them!**
    All the Products have these Core Oils:

MACADAMIA oil: This Oil is the closest replica to our skins Oil.This oil contains loads of Vitamins E. It leaves the skin soft and smooth.

LEMONGRASS OIL: This oil has very strong antibacterial property's and stimulates the mind.
EUCALYPTUS PEPPERMINT: This oil is excellent for stimulating the muscles and joints and treating minor skin infections, insect bites and colds and flu's.
LEMON MYRTLE: This oil has better all round properties than Tea Tree oil. It is a stronger germicide and has the most remarkable refreshing and uplifting scent.
 AUSTRALIAN LIME: This oil acts as the astringent oil. It closes the pores after all the other oils have been absorbed. It is  very good for oily skin and it revitalizes the mind.

 CANOLA OIL: This oil contains Vitamins E, antioxidants, Omega 3 & 6. It leaves the skin soft and smooth. It will help prevent Acne, Scarring, Blemishes, Spots, Wrinkles & Ageing Skin

 COCONUT OIL: This oil leaves a protective barrier and contains Vitamins A & E.
There is a full money back guarantee with these products!
It has been continually tested over the past 10 years with some amazing results!
Cheers,  Lisa x
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